In moving to Kent ‘the garden of England’, the aim was to be seasonal and local with ingredients, long before those were fashionable buzzwords in cooking. The purpose of both is to optimise flavour, finding things of finest quality and using them at their peak. In a contemporary kitchen certain desirable ingredients are not found locally, but a wonderful olive oil from Italy has a place alongside the amazing larder provided by the fields, farms and shoreline of Kent. The driving force is depth and purity of flavour. This remains the key intention for our food.

When produce is so good, complicated delivery is unnecessary and inappropriate. So while a dish may be complex in preparation our style of food is relatively simple, a clean delivery of something very good to eat.

Our set multi-course menus showcases the very best produce available to us on any given day, the freshest fish straight from the sea, the finest reared meats, lovingly nurtured vegetables, picked and prepared the same day. Imagine that perfectly roast loin of rare breed beef, the sweetest just cooked crab meat, the beautiful fresh turbot, cooked whole before being removed from the bone and served with the sweetest peas.

These are just a few of the exciting possibilities that our seasonal bounty has to offer. Cooked from the heart and served with love to friends in my home. No menus full of pretentious descriptions and endless choices to wade through, just relax, have a drink and let us feed and look after you as the friends or extended family that you all are or will hopefully soon become.

Click on our menu below to see some of our sample menus, but because of the way we work dishes change frequently, reflecting what delicious things we find to serve you.