The West House Restaurant With Rooms


We are as passionate about our wines as we are our food, and have built a drinks list over the years to include many things that could not fail to interest. Our first class and eclectic selection includes wines from Sancerre, Touraine and Alsace, from Spain and Italy, from Kent to Oregon.


We also have fine examples of other drinks we think you might enjoy, including cider, beer, port, spirits and even a particularly delicious mead. All are arranged in unconventional categories to give greater insight into their character and what might suit you; whether that be ‘natural’, ‘classic’ or ‘fine’ wines, ‘a little bit different’, or ‘wilfully obscure’.


The defining characteristic of all the drinks we serve is that we love them, chose them with care, and believe they truly compliment the work we do in the kitchen.


Click the image below to see our Wine List: